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Hefei Baohe Xiehe Bilingual Kindergarten is a full-time kindergarten founded by the Shanghai Xiehe Education Center (Group). Development-oriented and based on a new curriculum after the second curriculum reform in Shanghai, the Kindergarten integrates Chinese and foreign cultures and puts in practice a multicultural curriculum. Respecting the rules of early childhood development, the Kindergarten develops developmental courses and specific courses that meet the interests and needs of young children, pays attention to the harmonious development of children’s cognition, emotions and abilities, and lays a good foundation for the future development of young children.

Shanghai United International School Hefei Campus and Hefei Baohe Xiehe Bilingual Kindergarten were instituted by the Baohe District Government of Hefei, and are organized and directly managed by the Shanghai Xiehe Education Group. As the foray of Xiehe Education Group in Hefei, the two campuses will be built next to each other, will open at the same time, and together, will form a complete educational system. The schools will be located at the intersection of Jialingjiang Road and Guizhou Road in the Binhu District, Hefei, occupying a total area of 120 mu (roughly 80,000 square meters), with the building area making up over 50,000 square meters. The campuses were designed by the team led by Preston Scott Cohen, a tenured professor of architecture at Harvard University, and will be equipped with standard classrooms, science labs, theaters, swimming pools, learning resource centers, outdoor playgrounds, large gymnasiums, cafeterias, dorms, and other complementary teaching facilities.


· Following the concept of “respecting differences, unleashing potential, embracing the future, and promoting development”, the Kindergarten will provide a variety of refined and customized services to meet the individual needs of parents.
· The Kindergarten advocates the cooperation between teachers and students in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and encourages young children to explore and learn on their own.
· The Kindergarten creates a warm and family-like environment, encouraging young children to fend for themselves, and develop good habits for study and living.
· Outdoor sports and extracurricular activities bring children closer to nature and promoting both their physical and mental strength.Games, developed based on children’s interests, abilities and experience, respect children’s independent expression and self-construction and fulfill their personality development needs.

Curriculum features

· With children-oriented development as the core, the Kindergarten highly values children’s basic needs for safety, health, care and respect, and provides equal opportunities for learning and development for all;
· Young children are specially inspired towards independent inquiry, and encouraged and supported to learn in an active way. Their abilities to solve problems, be creative and social adaptability are promoted;
· Differences and individualized characteristics represented during children’s individual development are fully respected so that each child can grow up in an open, caring and tolerant atmosphere; We also advocate co-education between family and the Kindergarten, actively integrate family and community resources to form a quality co-education environment.

Schools of the higher grade available

Shanghai United International School Hefei Campus preferred.

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Address: Jialingjiang Road, Binhu District, Hefei