Shanghai United International School Hefei Campus (SUIS Hefei Campus) is a compound school that spans 12 years and covers primary and high school. By adhering to the objective of “East Meets West in Harmony”, students who attend are well versed in Chinese culture, have an international perspective, and a sense of social responsibility. Knowledgeable, capable of independent thinking, bold, and considerate, students here are not only good communicators bilingual in Chinese and English, but  also  problem-solvers and lifelong learners.

In the 2019 school year, we will mainly enroll Grade 1 students in the primary school and Grade 7 students in the middle school. There is a small quota of students to be enrolled in other grades. Please call us for more information.
The number of students to be enrolled in each grade shall accord with the
number approved by the education bureau.

Hotline: 18056086788